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The Illusion That There is No Good News!

Bad news has always been a bit of a downer but people wanted to know what is going on in the world. With the acceleration of communications over recent decades, new stories can reach all the reporters of the world in a very short amount of time and the increased availability of video has brought horrifying images to new levels of availability.

Progress can be so helpful to humanity but care is needed when using high power resources. The images of darkness and depravity that fill the lives of the watchers of television today are much more graphic that those of years gone by.

Watching television and hearing the “talking heads” can lead to a skewed or biased perspective of the world you live in. Responsible reporting needs to be balanced.

Be careful when watching TV. Expect and demand that the reporters in your community include positive events and people in their shows. Broadcasting traditionally required the ability to prove that the shows were produced as a public service.

If your broadcasters cannot find good news to report, perhaps it’s time to change the channel and find one who can see through illusion and find goodness.

The Proliferation of Fear

Many of the perceived problems of the world have to do with the over stimulation of the populations. Producers of entertainment have a responsibility to their investors to produce profits so that their jobs are secure for the present and the long term. Hopefully, they can also serve the audience by producing quality content that is well enough received so they can enjoy the same support that allows them their audience.

A stable business climate is the foundation of governments and economies.  The availability of social networks has evolved as a factor in the stabilization and/or destabilization of communities and nations.

The Personal Satisfaction of Prison Purpose

The assignment of jobs within an organization allows for the decentralization of work and the possibility for enhanced productivity. Enhancing assignments should amplify all efforts toward optimizing the quality of life for all who live, work and visit prisons.

When a person awakens in the morning and has a reason to get up and get going, there is a meaning to their existence. That meaning simplifies their life and allows for their best self to show and bless all they encounter throughout the day.

Good days build on each other and make a future that is much brighter for all.

Prison Cell Clusters

Path fluidity would allow for prisoner interaction without the need to have ones who are less than agreeable occupy the same space at the same time.  With computer tracking and GPS technology, personal interaction flare-ups could be minimized for the pleasantry and safety of all residents and staff.

Prison Self-Help

A huge component of reaching the goals that you set for your institutions is to embrace the idea of creating safe transitions and creating structures that provide safety for all including all the union jobs that presently exist.   The transition will take time and require all the skills and finesse that the experience of present staffs can bring to the discussion.  Professionalism will be more not less valued.

Administrators and union representatives should invite staffs members to submit contributions in a way that can preserve their identity.

Who Will Organize the Prisons

These ideas are not a government style feasibility report that projects everything imaginable. These ideas are seeds for the growth of thoughts that are original, flexible, reasonably priced from an incremental expansive viewpoint and framed in the perspective of reasonable feasibility.

The challenge is for the prisoners to come up with the ideas and the documentation and then for the hierarchy to be wise enough leaders to grab the best ideas.

In the American car industry, the unions and management were not team players for many years. Dire circumstances brought them together in to teamwork. It worked and it still does.

The prisons and many of their parent nations are in at least as much trouble as the car manufacturers were. The prison situation can change for the betterment of the prisoners, the prison staffs and their nations.

Legal Creation of Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

The day may come when there can be quid pro quo arrangements where a prisoner of means could agree to substitute accommodations that they pay for that benefit the prisoner by being more pleasant and benefit the institution by the prisoner’s subsidizing their own expenses.  Such arrangements would be subject to specific compliance with the rules of the incarceration and immediate cancellation if needed.

While a feeling of uncomfortable favoritism may seem disturbing to many citizens, the economies of such an option could help your community to stabilize your tax load and that could be an attention getter for you.

Prison Living Arrangements

In traditional living space arrangements location was everything.  In the prison scenario and the punishing theme of the workplace, there seems to be a dehumanizing effect on all who live, work and visit the institutions.

Human dynamics are enlivened when there is participation in the choices that can be made.  Prisoners and guards could both benefit from contributing to a dialogue of the look of the space where they spend so much time.

47% Decrease in Per Prisoner Costs

You may not be able to attain that level of decrease in your community for many reasons and that may be as your community wishes it to be.  The number is suggested as a target for intellectual analysis of the extreme possibilities that would be needed to affect dramatic savings.

The rules of yesteryear need to be stretched to accommodate new thinking that will adjust to available resources. New legal structures may be needed to trade rights and privileges and new opportunities for human accomplishments.

Time is available to those behind bars and that time can do a lot to incubate new proposals when there is potential for them to be taken seriously.  Frustration with interactivity between the jailed and the jailers on both sides commonly leads to a moderation of dreams so that the vibration of trust is vulnerable to extinction.