Angels Are Always Around Addicts And Alcoholics
Help Is Near Now! Invite It In!

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Table Of Contents


Table Of Contents


1 – Why I am Writing this Book

2 – I Have Been Addicted

3 – Emotional Balance Can be Elusive

4 – Illusion, Confusion and Clarity

5 – Looking for Help

6 – Resource Limitations

7 – Your Spiritual Team

8 – Your Spiritual Team Leader – God

9 – Your Spiritual Team – Angels

10 – Asking The Angels for Help

11 – The Heart of Angel Healing

12 – The Heart Chakra Alignment

13 – Heart Chakra Characteristics

14 – Spiritual Guidance

15 – Summary

16 – Addendum – The Alcoholic Man Shaking From Head to Toe

17 – Addendum – The Lady Who Lost It All

18 – Addendum – Angel in the Laundry

19 – Addendum – A lighter View

20 – Addendum – Experiment

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Rev. Mike Wanner



My guidance continues to encourage my writing and the target audience here is always in my awareness and especially so when I do my pastoral visitations at the hospital.

I have seen so many who believe there is no potential good left for them and I respectfully disagree on a consistent basis after I have waited deliberately until there is some indication of them being ready. Readiness is a huge factor that I understand   because I also can be resistant when people want to tell me what I am not ready to hear.

As a child, I struggled spiritually because my life was not pleasant and I wanted to understand, quantify and analyze God. Well that did not work for me and I doubt that it will for you.

I understand now that God is already in me but may be blocked from my awareness by my fears, doubts, procrastinations and general unwillingness to be open to direction. While that view may sound problematic, it is really quite realistic and taking one step at a time can be the path that is needed by those who are ready to choose changes for their patterns.

The question, for you, is whether you have reached the ready stage of preparation to reboot your life on terms that you understand and control. When you are there, everything can change quite quickly.

Are You Ready?


1 – Why I am Writing this Book

The prospects, for many citizens of the World are quite bleak because it seems that common sense is becoming less than common. No, I am not making fun of a serious issue but I would like to highlight the fact that we could be less literal in listening to the messengers that we hear.

It seems that so many people are always in fear and they can become paralyzed by ideas that scare them. I like to share a practical perspective that can help a lot of these folks because what they pay attention to will increase in their lives.

People in fear, worry and that can act to intensify the fear and the negativity they feel. I have heard worry described as a prayer for something that you do not want.

Metaphysically that makes perfect sense because as you focus on worry, fear increases in your life and so also does the possibility of you messing up and attracting more negativity that will not be welcome. For example, focusing on your nightmares can bring day-mares and that would not be good motivation.

Improvement in every situation is possible if you think logically, suspend the worry, settle down and allow the anxiousness to disperse. Further improvement can be had by replacing negativity with positive influence.

My goal here is to help pour a foundation that can give everybody a perspective that can help with the logic that can bring some clarity, minimize concerns and allow the changes that at times may have seemed impossible.


2 – I Have Been Addicted

I had never previously thought of myself as an addict or alcoholic but realistically I was for a long time addicted to cigarettes. In 1996, I went to Sheppard Air Force base in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I started smoking that year and continued until 3/6/1990, a total of 24 years. I am so glad that I stopped. It is now 26 years later and I never regretted stopping.

I thought that cigarettes were just something to quiet my nerves but then your story may seem unthreatening also. Most addictions have some emotional connection that confuses the person in to believing that what they are doing is good.

When I left for the service, I was not exactly at a high point in my life. My father had died young after a long torturous struggle with cancer.

He was gone from my life and then my draft number told me that I would be leaving my birthplace one way or the other. I was emotionally ragged, insecure and struggling to understand it all.

As a young man going through personal struggle, I also experienced rage and experimented with substances that were less than helpful. I will not belabor my situation at that point as I have already written ten books about being a Veteran and have given away thousands of books about healing help for veterans and other seekers of emotional peace.


3 – Emotional Balance Can be Elusive

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that all is well when nothing really is. We may act as if things are good, the proverbial “Fake It Until You Make It” so that we try to  convince ourselves that everything is OK while the turmoil continues to boil beneath the surface.

As one struggles for survival and balance, there becomes a single focus of fulfilling their own needs and ignoring the community at large. While not helpful, this focus draws one away from the very people who could help.

It seems that everything in life is about balance and it can be difficult to even know what the goal should be for oneself. A perspective that is often shared is about how simple everything is but that had a way of infuriating me. When used, it is the perspective of the one who has already arrived at a destination and is not the view of the one who is struggling with the issues and directions on the way to a goal or in need of a healing.

The word struggle itself can be tiring. I invite you to release every struggle and settle yourself. The process of releasing is helpful in the diffusion of the energy that is blocking the progress that you are seeking.

A good place to start is merely to do a listing of all that is bad in your life and another list of all that is good.  You could then order the lists so that you create your own road map.  The lists can be ordered as least first or worst first whichever makes more sense to you. Then work with your priorities.


4 – Illusion, Confusion and Clarity

Even after making a list of what is good and bad in your life, it can still be very hard to weigh the values of steps that can be taken and how each step can integrate or impede the other steps.

Alcoholics and Addicts can frequently be in an altered state when chemicals are in their system that impede clear thinking. It is wise to track your usage and volume of intoxicants and other focus inhibitors because keeping track by itself may show you the path of least resistance to the answers that may benefit you.

Perhaps the easiest way to find clarity is to wait until substances have cleared your system and any mental fog has lifted. With a clear head, you can process your questions of all situations in a very expedient manner.

Many people with medical conditions of all kinds can have ongoing medication requirements that require treatment with medications for pain that keep their pain and disease process in a steady state of medication that can make it difficult to measure the effects.

Family members can be helpful by being the observers and reporters of things that the medical community may not be able to determine without their diligent assistance. While this may seem like an unfair imposition on the families in some circumstances, the value of the information to the healing of their family member may be tremendous.

To understand the importance of information to the medical community, I will go off topic a minute to suggest a practical understanding of the care possibilities. Many people presume that the doctors are in charge of the care of all who are sick.

While that is partially true, please understand that all who seek wellness need four types of support. They need Physical Support, Emotional Support, Mental Support and Spiritual Support. I have also written a book about that called Four Parts to Healing.                 

Family members who are attentive can really help the whole healing situation by tracking Experiences, Reactions, Food Sensitivities, Medication reactions and all alarming circumstances that come up during convalescent or rehabilitation care. Please feel free to ask the care team for advice on every aspect of care that needs to be clarified.

Negotiation with doctors has helped me with my ailments and it may well help you if you try it. As discussion continues there is an understanding that follows and creates a fertile field for idea growth that may have been untitled by both parties.

Even with a clear head, many circumstances can be confusing. I have been writing with healing ideas to get clarification for some time and find that overworking efforts mentally can be totally frustrating. I would encourage readers to use their spiritual guidance resources and/or develop new ways to find clarity.


5 – Looking for Help

I encourage all who need care to seek the qualified professionals in the specialty that they need. This would include all of the Allopathic Care System which I feel should include a general practitioner to advise them about the system in general and the supporting systems and services. The general practitioner is the objective overseer who can integrate the awareness needed to diligent supervise an objective care plan.

While I encourage allopathy, I also encourage everybody to deal with their total human experience as I mentioned earlier. While risking the label of being a broken record/tape/CD/DVD, each of us needs support in four areas of our life.

Your personal responsibility to deal with your whole life is a Major Important Factor in Your Healing. Please do not surrender all you power to the medical system that is controlled by a democratic political process that dictates the standards for those that are allowed to help you up to the level of political correctness that is mutually agreed.

The professionals in the care communities operate under a deliberate and professional compliance requirement that constricts their performance according to established protocols. Make no mistake, this is totally necessary but also constrictive.

Whether you believe it or not, you can contribute valuable information about your body and how you feel that can help fine tune decisive actions. Please communicate, collaborate, share info and succeed in your care.

6 – Resource Limitations

Acute medical situations can demand the use of tremendous community resources and the government has an interest in supporting reasonable accommodations for care and treatment.

Resources for Drug and Alcohol treatments do not seem to be as prevalent. I have heard many stories of folks trying without success to get in to programs.

Medical insurance seems to be heavily oriented to physically diagnosis-able medical conditions which can be treated with standard care regimens. Since medical insurance is traditionally heavily subsidized or organized through employers, there seems to be a preponderance of focus on Physical Nurture/Support.

The other three areas that need support (Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) have various integration connections that seem to not integrate completely in a Holistic Care Plan that is interconnected.

Various insurance plans can be made available to support varying interests but those plans are subject to sponsorship priorities and funding capabilities.

Generally speaking, the Allopathic Medical Community does recommendations well for third party involvement but expects the Insured, Insurers and the Uninsured to find and fund the resources for Emotional, Mental and Spiritual support.

If You, or a loved one, need care and lack sufficient insurance then you have work to do. Every community is different and while many have some help available, it takes effort to find resources and join programs.

It will not help to wait and see what happens, efforts should start immediately to see what town, city, state and national programs are available where you live. Please do not ask one or two resources and give up. Diligence is the key to success.

Please contact churches, community groups, websites, charities and especially the Ministers/Rabbis/Priests/Leaders and Social Workers of your community and other communities where you live and work. Bigger cities are likely to have more programs.

Connect with every local and state agency. Incumbents and Candidates for political office are also resource candidates.

For the rest of this book, I will focus on the spiritual side of things as that is an area to which I can contribute.

My guidance seems to wants me to dig deeper and open an ongoing dialogue and I am willing to participate as I am guided. Please write to me about all the frustrations and successes that you have experienced. I would especially love any little things that you would like me to share.

In the meantime, I want to focus more on the starting topic for this book and let you know that the Angels can help if you invite them.


7 – Your Spiritual Team

You lead your team and you determine who is playing at any given point in time by who you invite and to who you listen. God created you and you do come from good stock.

You also live in an imperfect world with lots of distractions that can take your focus from your creator and the ones who love you. The struggle of life is not something to be ignored and all the successes that you have had are worthy of celebration.

There are highs and lows in the human circumstance and it all can be quite confusing intellectually. Of course, the longer after  creation you are born then the more stories are out there that can make it even harder to know what to believe.

Intellectuals can seem to go crazy just trying to figure out the absoluteness of truth but we each have our guides who can help if we ask. There is a constant of truth that you can find if you persist in asking for it.

When you feel that you know what truth is, confirm it for yourself. I will share some perspectives for you to consider but I do encourage you to ask about the truth of all I write as it pertains to you so that you get the direction you really need from the highest and most clear source possible.

One thing I find helpful is Dowsing, a spiritual direction finding technique. You can learn more about dowsing and get a free e-book at The technique helps one to ask and hear God and it is a skill that can be polished.


8 – Your Spiritual Team Leader – God

If you have time to worry, you can pray to God. You can wisely choose to take that time and use it to create a prayer that will bring you peace in your heart. The practice of prayer is a bi-directional move that scores value in two directions at the same time, thereby doubling the return on your time investment. Prayer adds Hope and reduces stress.

Prayer is not as well understood as many people think. All too often, the need for prayer is met with a scripted response that is akin to using a city map to find the general direction within a neighborhood instead of using a more productive local map that helps you get exactly where you are going quickly.

Worry is the opposite of prayer. It is a double negative that takes a bad situation and makes it much worse. Worry accelerates negativity and it takes no time to have a reaction that is very devastating and lasts a long time.  Besides the absence of positive results, Worry can contribute to the biggest issue in health care that so many complain about now, Stress.       (A resource is

Stress in and of itself can stifle the positivity of the natural joy that is available to all of us as our birthright. And so the spiral of negativity can continue to accelerate again as one avoids the simple paths to problem resolution.

If you do not know how to pray beneficially, that is ok as I have dedicated a whole website to it called


9 – Your Spiritual Team – Angels

It seems that many people who believe in Angels may not really understand how they can be used.

I grew up Catholic which is a religion that talks a lot about Angels. While I am no longer Catholic, I still believe in angels more now than when I belonged to the faith.

I am not suggesting that any one belief system is better than another. I am actually grateful to Catholicism for many things.

I believe in angels but have no issue if others do not. Beliefs can hurt some people and help others. Different people use religious writings for direction even when they do not actually believe in the interpretation shared with them.

My writings are in no way absolute and are offered for your discernment in your present circumstance. My goal is to facilitate understanding and healing.

We can become our beliefs and benefit because of them and/or  suffer because of them. I invite all readers to be gentle in the application of their beliefs.

Angels Must Be Asked/Invited

God will intercede and orchestrate at times but I believe God will always honor your free will. Angels even more so, need to be asked. Please do not be confused when hearing Angel stories because sometimes is seems that even reactive requests are enough to get Angel help even if one does not remember asking.


10 – Asking The Angels for Help

Learning about and Inviting Angels Into Your Life

Learn about Angels

Learning about angels can be done through search engines, book research and other ways so you learn the names of Angels you might like to invite.


Angels of Function

Another way to invite Angels is to Ask for the Angel of a Particular function that you need help with.

-If you ask for the Angel of Healing, Angel Raphael may appear.

-If you ask for the Angel of Communication, Angel Gabriel may appear.

-If you ask for the Angel of Protection, Angel Michael may appear.

-Of course, you can get many more Angels than you expect so do not be surprised.


A Particular Angel For You

You can pick a particular Angel who comes in to your awareness, read up on the Angel, Work with that Angel as long as you wish and then move on. You could even ask to work with the Angel around someone else in your life.


Complicated Situations

Make a general Angel Request for complicated situations and then add support by asking Angels to react and interact through images and objects that can be seen, held or experienced by the people involved, Like:

–  Crystals, Gems, Minerals and Sacred Objects of many kinds can be linked in to your Angel Requests.

– Images of Angels can be intensified for yourself or your space by adding Lighting and/or Multiple Mirrors to be surrounded by Angel Images.

– Sacred space can be created when communicating with Angels and that space can maintain blessings, prayer and

Intentional energy for future uses that will expedite your intention and accelerate the requests. Sacred space can also act to sustain images of family, friends, other loved and prayer chain candidates from the community by leaving images and prayer requests in the space when you leave.

– Flowers, plants, wreaths, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and other flowering life can help hold energy when requested in prayer and intention.

– Angel statues and figurines are a natural choice to bring Angelic Awareness to the everyday challenges.

– Bells and chimes can trigger sacred spiritual memories. Remember “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his/her wings!”  Bells and chimes can also be intentioned in to a cleansing ritual of your own design.

— Sun Catchers can be blessed by intention with the cleansing functions of light and love.


11 – The Heart of Angel Healing

The Heart Chakra is at the Center of healing for many who are dependent on substances because the emotional pain of the Heart is difficult to understand, treat and command. The Heart and the Heart Chakra are two different areas.

The Heart Chakra is an energy center of the body separate from the physical Heart and may not be as well understood by Traditional Allopathic care as by subtle energy.

I believe that the Heart Chakra helps Angel Healing best through Subtle Energy Techniques like the Heart Chakra Mudra, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® and Prayer.

Angels Are An Avenue And An Answer

12 – The Heart Chakra Alignment

The Heart (4th) Chakra (Sanskrit Name – Anahata) Bridges the connectivity between the three Upper Chakras (Sanskrit Names: Sahasrara (7th), Ajna (6th) and Vishuddha (5th)), which are the Spiritual Chakras and the three Lower Chakras (Manipura (3rd), Svadhisthana (2nd) and Muladhara(1st), which are the Physical Chakras.

The Heart Chakra is the blending place of subtle energy of the physical world and the subtle energy of the spiritual world.

I invite you to ponder the heart chakra as a great unknown for both the science and spiritual communities because there are no absolutes that can ascertain precisely anything that human intelligence really wants to know. And while you are pondering, I invite you to speak to the Angels and The Creator of All that is in a way that allows you to be open to revelations that you might find new and exciting.

The Heart Chakra Mudra

There is a technique, by this name, that I have used for many years but at the moment, I cannot find an online reference to it. It involves touching the tip of the index finger on either or both hands to the tip of the thumb on the same hand. This helps me make an Angelic connection for communication. I invite you to try it.


13 – Heart Chakra Characteristics

Location –Chest Area

Color – Green/Pink

Sanskrit Name – Anahata

Element  –   Air

Gemstone –Rose Quartz

Essential oil – Ylang Ylang

Gland – Thymus

Body parts – Heart, arms, respiration, muscles, bronchia

Positive Affirmation Suggestions-

  • I deeply and truly love and accept myself.
  • I am adequate to that which is expected of me.
  • I love who I am.
  • I am willing to love everything about myself.
  • I trust in love.
  • I have forgiven myself.
  • I forgive those who need forgiving for any reason.
  • I acknowledge my own value.
  • I am pure and innocent.
  • Love is the purpose of my life.
  • Love is everywhere and I both give and receive.
  • I open myself to the healing powers of love.
  • I follow the path of the heart.
  • The healing power of God’s love will heal all my needs.

Negative Aspects – Heart issues, High blood pressure, Estrangement

Zodiac signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

{This  Chapter from My Book Antennae To God: 777 Book Zero – Tune In To The Divine}

14 – Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual connectivity can be multi-dimensional. All spirits that you may encounter may not be beneficial and some may be downright dangerous.

Just because a being exists in the spiritual realm does not mean that being is sent on a Divine Mission. Some spirits that pass over may be no more enlightened than they were when they walked the earth.

Dark Messages

I would encourage a little testing to determine the motivation  of all spiritual beings with whom you are not aware or wonder about. A simple test I use is to look for the love. God and the Angels of Light are very loving and while they may sometimes invite you to be cautious or deliberate, they do not use fear as a motivator.

Ministerial Cautions

Now this can be a little difficult because there are ministers who still teach about Hell, Fire and Damnation and try to use fear as a motivator. The efficacy of that can be questioned and I would encourage those questions.

As a child, there was a phrase that many people of the cloth would use that caused me chaos. They would frequently speak of one who passed over with the words “He was a God Fearing Man” and they intended that as a compliment. A huge part of me would say “Who would ever want to be a God Fearing Man? Surely not me. I am a God Loving Man and always will be.” That was part of my struggle to understand. If anybody asked me today about fearing God, I would say Fear Not God. Fear Only the Loss of Your Connection to God. Talking to God is real helpful as it creates a space for guidance, understanding and rethinking.

I also remember reading about the Holy Wars and failed to understand how both sides could be doing things that the Bible forbad in the Name of God and the Bible. How did either participant interpret “Thou Shalt Not Kill” as permission to do  that in the Name of God?

We can become our beliefs and suffer because of them. I invite all readers to be gentle in the application of their beliefs and continue to talk to God and listen in the silence for answers, perspectives, guidance, peace and patience.


15 – Summary

I have enjoyed sharing the above information about Angels and I hope that you will begin to look towards them. I have tried to keep this book brief so that you would finish it.

I have a lot more information about Angels available and a lot of that is free. Please visit the website for the first 150 messages that I channeled and/or go to  and search for the page Angel Raphael Speaks.

In the resources section below, there is a listing of all my books. Please feel free to write to me at or and ask to be added to my mailing list so that I can send you information about free kindle books that I send out.

I also have special books for Veterans Healing and PTSD. You can ask to be added to that list also.

I would also love to hear feedback about your experiences, challenges and success with Angel Healing so don’t be bashful.

I will also include as Addendums below some stories that you might find interesting and helpful and motivating.   


16 – Addendum – The Alcoholic Man Shaking From Head to Toe

I went to do a pastoral visit on this day and as I entered the room, I saw a man who was shaking from head to toe. I introduced myself and asked if there was something that he wanted to Pray About (Pause), Talk About (Pause) or Complain about.

He laughed a shallow laugh but it was enough. He told me a story of disconnection from God because of his human experience with the church and why he could not go back. I explained to him that Philadelphia was a big city and if he didn’t like that priest, he could go to another church or denomination until he found one suitable.

Making no headway I told him about an exercise that I share called the Hand-Up Handout. We did the exercise and he stopped shaking.

After lunch, I was walking past the room and I noticed that his hand was up in the air and I went in to check. I reminded him that once he reconnected with God, he could put his hand down. His reply was NOT YET!

Here is the Hand Up Handout

When things seem bad, it is very natural to feel down in the dumps and isolated and cutoff. There is both a physical and psychological dynamic to this isolation and the trauma that it supports.

I have found that the simple act of reaching the left, or receiving hand, up to God during prayer seems to make an awesome difference in the experience of all people and especially those who are depressed.  The action taken seems to break them free of patterns of limited thinking and enables them to reconnect to the God that loves them so much.

Prayer by itself to many seems hollow because there is an expectation that nothing will happen but when they reach out and up there is a shift, an expectancy that things will be different. That expectancy breaks through some sort of mental disconnect obstruction mechanism and allows the mental obstacles to dissipate.

I find the Hand Up most effective when used with a customized prayer. The connection occurs within a second and the hand can be relaxed and brought down. I also suggest that they be aware that after they reconnect, they need to be a good host. If they are not, God will allow them to choose to float away. If that happens, it is not God abandoning them. It is them abandoning God.

I invite you to reach out for breakthroughs in your life by connecting with the strongest power that there is – your creator.

I invite you to share this with those that need to be lifted up. Your caring and this technique may make the first shift that they have had in a long time.

May all who read this be blessed, AND SO IT IS.

Rev. Mike 215-342-1270 E-mail: Copyright 1/25/09 – Rev. Mike Wanner


Follow-Up Story

About twenty months later, I was paged at lunch. I answered and was asked to see a particular patient in a particular room.

The nurse told me that the patient was being discharged but refused to leave until he talked to me. I said Ok, I’ll be right up.

I went in to the room and there was the man from the shaking story. He explained that since we last met he had been free of his former addiction.

But he had just relapsed and within two days was re-admitted to the hospital. He saw me earlier in the hall and wanted an additional boost to help him be ready to go home.  We talked and he left ready again for the world.   I was very grateful to God for the confirmation that my efforts made some difference.

{This Chapter from my book Trauma Healing Options for VA Hospitals: Help for Veterans to Own Their Healing and their future}

17 – Addendum – The Lady Who Lost It All

 The day was not routine for her. Routine would have been pleasant.

On That Day:

  1. She was admitted to the hospital.
  2. Her husband was admitted to a different hospital.
  3. The children were evicted from the house.
  4. There was no one to help.
  5. The doctors could not make a diagnosis.
  6. Her world was in total chaos.

Needless to say the lady was a mess and the session was long and tiring but I listened and listened and listened. Sometimes it is difficult to listen for long periods of time but it is so important that listeners do not interrupt the one who is having the crisis. (If you interrupt, they will lose their place in the story and start over which will bring more anxiety and less clarity.)

As she shared, her emotions shifted from anxiety to rage and then to injustice and then eventually to acceptance. Many times there is little that can be done but listening allows the diffusion of the emotional crisis intensity and the ability to cope with what is in the present moment.

Listening to those in emotional turmoil is a powerful way to help others to avoid further complications in all areas of their life. So many people try to deal with situations by using pain killers of the legal or illegal variety to deaden the pain they feel at the moment.

Should you find yourself listening to a friend or family member in a somewhat similar state of crisis, there is tremendous value to them if you can keep your mouth shut except to encourage dialogue. As they continue to talk and you continue to reserve comment until they ask for your opinion, there occurs a pressure release which allows them to settle their emotions and physical reactions to their emotions.

As they settle, they can trigger their internal coping strategies so that they can once again process issues and think clearly. When they are clear, they can begin to pick up the pieces of their life.

In the situation above, I did little but listen and that was enough. The next time I walked down that hallway, she saw me while I was still out in the hall. She was screaming my name and delighted to share how everything had resolved.

She was diagnosed and treatment was planned. Her husband’s situation had improved. The children were taken in until the family could get back on their feet.

All was not great, but it was good enough.

{This Chapter from my e-book Wise Wonderful Women Are The Well: Of The Family}


 18 – Addendum – Angel in the Laundry

I do Pastoral Visitations at a dynamic Philadelphia hospital which is next to the elevated tracks in a mature area of the city that hosts tremendous diversity.

When I came in to the hospital room, I recognized a frequent flyer and she was happy to see me. I asked why she was there and was told that she had a heart attack two days before. She also said she was having a good day today.  I asked why? She told me the story.

Months earlier, she was in the same hospital and someone brought her a beautiful Angel pin. It meant a lot to her because it was given at a low point in her situation. In the excitement of being discharged, someone gathered up her belongings for her and she was taken home. When she looked for the Angel Pin, it could not be found.

That day before my visit, she had some bleeding and the nurses cleaned her up. When she was clean, a little nurse went out to the laundry cart and grabbed a fresh gown and brought it to her.

After the nurse helped her put it on, she smoothed out the garment and there was her Angel Pin. The questions abound about how this could be. Only one answer makes sense.

It is that when God sends a message, the rules of time and space don’t matter. Great things happen at Great Hospitals!

{This Chapter from my e-book Wise Wonderful Women Are The Well: Of The Family}

19 – Addendum – A lighter View

I am very grateful for the breakthroughs that I have had in my life and especially aware that life can be easy if we but embrace the ideas that will allow us to see that conflict is a real waste of time. Basically, the way we look at things can change in a way that allows us to see more of the potentials in the universe before our eyes.

At early age, many of us were taught about the darker side of life and that we always had to be on guard and there was a certain value in that education.

Unfortunately the adults in many lives can have a tendency to see things in a darker view than reality. Anticipation can sometimes create a type of paralysis that impedes our understanding of the simplicity of the path that is in front of us.

In extreme circumstances, the lives of up and coming vibrant individuals can be stifled by fearful expectations that make it difficult to see the value of effort toward a goal.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly and I invite you to follow that lead, embrace their wisdom and set yourself up to soar to new heights in your life.

I pray that all who read this are Blessed AND SO IT IS! Reverend Mike

20 – Addendum – Experiment

A Done For You Offer {2016}

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  1. Do You Have a Mental Block Stopping You?
  2. Can You Describe It?
  3. Will You Send It To Me In An E-mail?
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  5. Do You Want Me To Chop It Up Further?
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The Time To Heal Is Now! Are You Ready?

Angels Are An Answer And An Acceleration

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  4. Reiki Journaling from Japan
  5. Reiki Is Alive: God’s Great Gift
  6. Four Parts to Healing
  7. Distant Healing: We Are All Connected
  8. Stress Release Energy Work: How To Cope
  9. Does Reiki Love Heal Cancer?
  10. Group Consciousness
  11. Salute To Philadelphia VA Medical Center: Thank You
  12. Reiki Transcript for Reiki 2 & 3 Channels: Dr. Usui Is That You?
  13. God Bless Kindle & Amazon
  14. Puppies Are Different From People
  15. If Your Dog Dies
  16. Toy Guns Are Obsolete
  17. Great Spirit Made Children With Red Skin: AND
  18. The Cage of Fear: Is Not Locked
  19. God Made Children Red, Yellow, Brown, Black & White: Greet Each Child With Kindness
  20. Emergency Medical Kindness In The Cradle Of  Liberty: Big City – Cracked Bell

Little Books at by Rev. Mike:

  1. English Medical History Questionnaire For Non-English Speakers
  2. English Language Helper For Non-English Speakers
  3. Wise Wonderful Women Are The Well Of The Family
  4. Answers for Test & Research: Dowsing Power
  5. Crisis? Reiki! Baby? Reiki!
  6. Bible References For Healing
  7. Angel Raphael Speaks – Prisons
  8. Angel Raphael Speaks – Veterans
  9. The Saint Off Interstate 95

Angel Raphael Speaks through Rev. Mike Wanner. Please visit and search for  Angel Raphael Speaks


Private Channeling

Angel Raphael Speaks is a series of free messages that are channeled through Reverend Mike Wanner for the Highest good and Highest Healing of all concerned.

Many questions arise about Reverend Mike doing private channeling and he does help with that so e-mail him.

Reverend Mike is available world-wide as a psychic channel, emotional release facilitator, spiritual energy practitioner & teacher, and public speaker. He looks forward to meeting you soon!

Email –   215-342-1270

PRIVATE SPIRITUAL READINGS/channelings or Spiritual Healing Sessions: Telephone or in person

Rev. Mike is available for private, one-on-one intuitive sessions with you, his Guide Family, and your Guides. He helps by offering clarity on emotional situations about your life, your purpose, your spirituality, and the release of stuffed emotions and cellular memory.

Connect to the love of your Guides today!

Contact Rev. Mike for an appointment.

Sessions available:

  • Spiritual Readings
  • Angel Channeling
  • Distant Reiki Healing
  • Distant Clearing of Stuffed Emotions
  • Distant Clearing of Cellular Memory
  • Distant Clearing of Energy Blockages
  • Distant Clearing of the Chakras
  • Mastermind dowsing responses to yes/no direction finding questions.
  • Customized needs.

Rev. Mike is a facilitator of healing. He brings you and the Divine together so that you can align with the Divine and have a great time and a great life. All healing is between you and God, as it should be. Go ahead and start without Rev. Mike. Visit his prayer site Take the first step NOW.

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May All Who Read This Be Blessed

Reverend Mike Wanner

Rev. Mike Wanner

Rev. Mike Wanner started his metaphysical and ministerial studies with Reiki in 1993 and has studied seven styles of Reiki in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Denmark and Australia. He is certified to teach. He became certified to teach Integrated Energy Therapy in 1999 and co-taught the first IET class of the new Millennium. Mike began dowsing in 2001.

Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry and an Interfaith Minister of the Circle of Miracles Ministry, Rev. Mike practices and teaches spiritual energy therapies in the Philadelphia Area.

Rev. Mike holds ministerial degrees from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. He is a Pastoral Care Associate of Aria – Frankford Hospital. He taught at the National Academy of Massage Therapy and Health Sciences.

Rev. Mike was a faculty member of the Medical Mission Sister’s Center for Human Integration’s School of Integrated Body/Mind Therapies in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, PA for twelve years.

Rev. Mike is licensed by the teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics to practice Spiritual Healing and Scientific Prayer. Mike is also a Prayer therapist.

Rev. Mike was elected in 2007 to the status of “Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.”

In 2008, Rev. Mike became a practitioner of Coincidental Recognition as he incorporated the CoRe system in to his spiritual healing practice.

In 2009, Rev. Mike trademarked a new healing process called Quantum Quatro! Subtle Energy System Support®.

In 2011, Rev. Mike joined the outreach program known as the Health Advantage Group.

In 2012, Rev. Mike became a Certified Professional Coach by The Master Coaching Academy and Joined The Personal Empowerment Group .

Prior to his metaphysical, ministerial and coaching studies, Rev. Mike worked for Sears Roebuck and Co. while in High School and after graduation until he joined the U. S. Air Force in 1965. He returned to Sears from Vietnam in 1969 and stayed until 1978. His final Sears assignment was as an efficiency expert in Methods – Operational Research and Development.

He volunteered with Burholme Emergency Medical Services from 1969 and is still a Life Member and Board of Directors Member. He started a private ambulance company in 1975 and worked professionally in the field until 2001 when he devoted his full attention to real estate investing, healing, coaching and writing.