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Prison Rehabilitation

The answer to prison rehabilitation is purpose. While some institutions may have initiated programs to engage their residents, the feeling of a purposeful life brings a new reality to the incarcerated.

Purposes to consider will be ones that work for the incarcerated as well as the society which actually pays the bills. Special characteristics to include would be the creation of a feeling of accomplishment generated by prisoner effort and drastic cost savings for the institution.

The real loss to prisons is wasted time, no productivity and no graciousness of interactive genius. If invited, the right use of time can provide different results than now seen.

There is no profit to society when cruelness is applied to the control of citizens.  There may be temporary security but that comes at a big price to the potential of all.

The best way to learn about what is possible is to listen to the troubled stories of the incarcerated people. Their genius can be tapped by mining information about how to fill the gap that they slipped in to so that newer walkers on their path can find the gap filled by their charity of sharing their pain as a love patch to the  sink holes of society.
The answers through this channel are coming differently than most could conceive and that is because neither you nor I have a job whose agenda has its own needs.

You ask to imagine how much can be cut from prison costs to maintain security, improve lives, create new industry and improve the focus, flavor and flair of American life and you dowsed for an answer. You got 47% reduction and you questioned your dowsing. Your questioning is wise because there is a huge industry that has roots in the status quo.

While that is true, your answer has potential that will serve the ones that would resist the initiatives that flow from the message. Their positions are survivable as is for a time unknown but their openness to change can also serve their security.

Change will happen even if they choose to use their money to resist the inevitable avalanche of change. Their opportunities are paramount in the areas of personal safety for all and the possibility to create new meaningful arrangements that are self-sustaining for all levels of the resident base and those employed in the industry.

The Celebrity Struggle

The spotlight seems appealing as if it is the epitome of success and achievement. The applause is seductive in that the gratification leaves one wanting more. It is as addictive as a drug and it is very easy to be hooked.

You, the celebrity are motivated to go on and work hard so that you again qualify to receive more accolades. And just like a drug, the addiction builds and the stress increases. And on and on goes the journey as you seek the appreciation of others   you don’t even know.

Yes, you are career driven and time in the spotlight goes by very fast and there is a creeping threat of the day when the attention will be gone. So the pressure continues to build and release of pressure is sought. The temptation is there to do as is customary for one your age who is trying to cope.

You the celebrity have privileges and vulnerabilities that others do not have.  You have the privilege to order many people to do your bidding and bring you all kinds of things.  They can do as you say and make you happy for a time.

Some of the bidding that is done for you may not be for your highest good. Your vulnerabilities are also numerous and your reputation may be a target for those who seek to profit from manipulating your actions.

A balanced life could be a wise choice for you and that will take some discipline to initiate because you may have to listen to those who disagree with you. When you know the authenticity of their concern, you may be able to hear the wisdom of their advice.

When you have a plan, take it to God. Follow the advice that you truly know is right and live fully as the Captain of the Ship of your Life. The appreciation you really need is your own appreciation for a good job that you do in living your life and fulfilling your Soul’s mission in your lifetime.  You can cease to be vulnerable.  Start today. See in yourself, your gifts and abilities to serve. God loves you, so can you.


Healing is different things to different people at different times. Healing is a process and it requires cycling through all the steps of the process.

Some use healing and curing words interchangeably in all matters. Curing is most like healing when it comes to cement. Curing there is an evolving process like healing in people.

To be cured is to be complete with a process of the elimination of that which was not right. To be healing is the process of movement towards a cure.


When there is an extreme to any situation and then a problem, you are invited to take a balanced or weighted view from an objective vista.  Many times an uninvolved intermediary may be needed to understand the many variables.

People do not usually try to be unreasonable but fairness is difficult to measure using different increments and trying to equate variables that are still moving. Be at peace and you will move toward objectiveness that can serve well.

Family Matters

Your earth family does not need to be perfect. You do not need to be perfect either. You can see that you are all on an even footing and the way to be more for them is to think less about yourself and more about them. Giving and receiving are one so giving to them can be lots of fun.

Loving That Part of You

Sometimes can be heard the trash talk that a person says out loud to themselves and listeners can be appalled by what they hear.  Those same listeners might even be more appalled if they really listened to the trash talk that is in their head at any given minute.

Humans have a tendency to be hard on themselves for the same behavior they would generally overlook in others. The things you hear others say about themselves does not leave permanent damage on a casual listener but when you trash talk yourself, a lot of damage can happen.

I invite you to listen to what you are inclined to say to yourself when you are upset.  Try to write it down, disown it later and then choose loving goals to polish any tiny rough edges.

As you continue to be tolerant, patient and nice to yourself, your personal acceptance can grow to a level where more and more people will respect you over time. When respect grows, so will be your ability to be of service to all.

Putting Love Where Hate Was

That which you hate is nastiness that you consistently choose to associate with. When you but love it, you set yourself free of it.

For in the noticing and loving of it, you also notice that it is separate from you and the distance allows you to not be depleted by it. Honoring all also honors self.

Many times there are things done which you say I hate and then you may associate certain people with the things and say I hate you/them also. In the hating, you are increasing that which you hate so much.

There is a better way. Smile awhile. It is not to beguile but to recognize the autonomy and honor the separation.

Even the hardest heart is softened somewhat by a smile, even if the time be small. And, if in the heart of the smile giver, there is authenticity, then we have the seeding of accommodation, friendship or more.