Skin Color

Much is said about the color of ones’ skin and the attributes of the one contained therein. This dialogue is a waste of time because all different types of packages can contain the qualities of the humans with whom you seek to associate.

When you choose to limit your exposure to only some of the people potential that comes across your path in life, you are limiting the good that you are allowing into your life. There is not effort or risk required for you to be courteous and polite to all and that little bit of openness can be enough to make you approachable by ones far greater than yourself.

None of the walkers on earth realize the potential of the people they meet because the power is only there when it is offered freely to those that seem receptive to the gifts of the giver. When you embrace yourself in the role of the giver of joy, you also can be the miner of the pure golden possibilities from all the peoples of all the lands and you bless them all in the process.

Fear not for a major risk of life is not living it. Dare to care and share about all you understand and when you do not understand , ask enough questions to share your care. Ignorance is not bliss, it is isolation.

Your interest in others will be rewarded beyond all reasonable expectations because the vitality of life comes not from the boredom of the known but from the joy of the many gifts that come from opening to the abundance in life that lives in the hearts of those that seem different but actually vibrate to the same core harmonic that you do not understand about yourself but know when you feel it in others. God makes great people, enjoy them and you will enjoy yourself along the way.

Take Nothing Here As Gospel

Take nothing that is said here as gospel. Take all that is said here for your discernment.

Each of you can grow different fruit from the word seeds shared here for you are one of the farmers of possibility. When you discern with the special gifts that have been given to you, you will create a masterpiece of possibility that no one else could ever conceive or achieve.

Your invitation to lead is not a onetime experiment. It is the beginning of the realization of all the potential with which you have been gifted and that potential knows only the bounds of your interest.


When someone exits the earth experience, those close to the departed may feel sad because of the loss of one who they have treasured.  The experience can be felt many ways.  It can be a sad time or a happy time depending on the situation.


The focus can be on loss or on the gift/s of the person to their lives. The pain can pass most quickly by enjoying again the memories that have made the person so dear in the first place.


The Future

A key to finding a joyful future is to begin to look for the way to build one.  First take the willingness to dream, assess and build towards new ideas that can solve problems, save money and build lives.

New Ideas can be difficult to nurture but they are well worth the effort. Imagine if Franklin had not invented electricity or Edison never invented the light bulb.

Where would the quality of our lives be if Bell had not invented the telephone and started that whole race to be in constant communication with everybody.

For many years there was a General Electric Carousal of Progress that started I believe at a World’s Fair and was last seen at Walt Disney World. This attraction showed the incremental changes in lifestyle that comes from free thinking and belief that the world can be made into a better place.

The future still exists off on new horizons that are yet to be dreamt. Perhaps you are the genius that will make teleportation a practical part of future distribution systems.

Consider being real and diligent with the responsibilities that are needed by the world today and then dream about all that can be. The dreamer is the farmer of the future who starts with the seed of an idea and then creates an environment where a more wonderful future can grow for all.

Why Are Drugs Appealing?

Drugs have a lot of allure because there are some associations that are dysfunctional. The idea of the wonder drug and the medical communities

dependence on them for physical symptoms confuses the general public to think they are a cure for the whole human experience, which they are not.

Taking a serious drug during critical medical crisis episodes is very appropriate to save lives, eliminate physical pain and increase the likelihood of survival. The use of drugs recreationally is not appropriate because the danger is not balanced by a corresponding good but merely by a transient high.

The culture of society needs to evolve again and find positive ways to become naturally high by the goodness of life which has no contraindications.  Purpose is the way to get naturally high.

What Do You See That Bothers You

When your internal guidance system shows you that something you see is wrong and makes you feel sick to your stomach, what do you do?  Life is not easy for anybody and it can bog you down so that you feel the need to turn a blind eye to the pain of the world. That can hurt you now and in the future.

If you take the pain that you see and show it to God and ask God in prayer to improve the lot of the ones that you see, then you have taken action and can be proud of your effort to stop the problem.

One person is not an army but one person can sound the alarm and alert the forces of good to the fact that they are needed. When you invite God to be your partner, you cast a vote and you align with the Divine and you will know all can be fine.


Let Freedom Be

Another factor that promotes limited thinking is the unavailability of options. In affluent communities, many stores compete for customers as the customers are free to shop where they get the most value for their money.

Poorer communities usually attract less investment and therefore less competition between sellers and less choices for the citizens to get the highest value for the dollar spent.

A large freedom that is little appreciated is the freedom of association which simply means that many people can associate with people they choose to be with.

This idea alone can provide a bridge whereby networking, teambuilding and community participation can expand economic clout and practical plans.

Suppose the poorer community above had residents that went together to shop at a more value centered community and bought their products more reasonably. In no time, teamwork could make big differences in everybody’s life.

If you think you are free and you want to be then act as if until you feel it, and then its will be a blessing for thee and for many others to see.

The Depression Epidemic

The nations of the world are crammed full of stories about the effects of despair and depression from within their populations. The faces of the afflicted utter their words in many languages but the negativity is the same.

It is like individuals are shown the abundance that is available and then have their noses rubbed in the fact that they are not included in the communities that have it all. It is as if there is a conspiracy to depress people.

Well the impact is the same whether intended or not, the power structure and authority systems market agendas in a way that has collateral damage. The sizzle that is sold on TV is not always about steak.

Sex, Violence and Drugs are commodities that are promoted by the media and each of these has contraindications. Our entertainment industry builds on the acceptability of these pastimes and promotes their acceptance.

You live in a world full of negatives and expect to have positive experiences on a regular basis. Consider for a moment whether you would welcome a meal prepared in a negative filthy environment.  If not a meal, then why a life?

The antidote for depression is community building, inclusiveness and purpose. Your community can benefit from creative applications that heal the needs of your people and plant the seeds for the future of a society in which all will be proud to live. If you are reading this message, the answers are within already and the people await your genius. Shine your light soon.

Sagging Script Syndrome

You coined the title this morning in a message to one of your flock. We would like to build on that awareness as self-worth destruction is not in divine alignment.

May all who read these words be aware that it is easy to lose appreciation for your values in a society that is so frenetic at sharing the value of worthless things.  We invite you to treasure the people in your life and share the words that describe your love for them.

In your speaking of love to them, notice the blooming of the beautiful flowers that they are and then notice how they share your love for them with many others.  In this situation, you have primed the well of love and all will get to drink from the fruit of your thoughtfulness and love.


Working with others is a key part of living a good life.  When we set our priorities aside long enough to listen, it is amazing how much we can learn about ourselves and the opportunities we knew nothing about. We need not have it all to be connected with all.


A loss that is perceived may need to be put in perspective. Many times losses are just changes that need to be accepted in order that we might understand the logic of the situation.


The loss of a loved one can hurt a lot but many times it is a blessing for many because all was right for the change to happen in the way that it occurred.  An elderly loved one who resided in a care facility so that their many issues could be addressed is a great example of a loss that can be a blessing.


The crossing over or graduation of the loved one can be viewed as a blessing from a Loving God who calls his children home when it is the time that is divine. The loving family feels the loss but they also see the wisdom of the plan.


The graduation of the beloved frees them from the struggle to survive. The family is also freed from having to watch the futile struggle and the pain of seeing it and being helpless to stop the inevitable and continual deterioration.


Alas, and fortunately the wisdom of the divine plan is seen and acceptance is allowed to be embraced so that peace can be found.

Life Changes

You will go through segments of your life like you go through chapters of a book. Being aware of your situation can allow you to handle these changes with a minimum of upset. Be kind to yourself and check in with how you feel and how you want to react.


Objective interpretation of what is going on will help keep things within perspective and this will allow the growth that will serve you best. Strength during the changes can come from interpretation of all the aspects of the experience.


Every change will require support at all levels of your awareness. The physical situation may be fairly obvious but you also need to deal with emotional, mental and spiritual intensities as they unfold.


It is important that you consider the need for all the support like they were legs of a table. Your stability will require a Physical Support Leg, and an Emotional Support Leg, a Mental Support Leg and a Spiritual Support Leg.


You will need the four support legs for every dynamic of your changing situation. Fear not for change is within the natural order of your evolution as a person in this life and there is no need to fear the steps of the process.


You can plateau and regain composure to insure that the change is within your capacity to accept and integrate all that presents in a timely manner.

Demanding People

Sometimes, it may be perceived as sophisticated to be an independent thinker and require that people respond to your demands so that you do not have to take anything from anybody. Looks can be deceiving and compliance with demands does not always mean that the demander is respected.


Difficult people can be managed best in many situations by just giving them what they are entitled to anyway and allowing them to move on out of your presence. Adopting a resistance to being insulted can defend you from the further nastiness that you would encounter if you actually objected to their tone.


When you refuse to sink to the negative vibration of nasty people, you maintain the spiritual upper hand and allow the interaction to terminate without your feathers having been ruffled by the one who tried so hard to do so. In such outcomes, the sophistication to be proud of is yours.

People That Look Different

People that look the most different from you are likely to be the ones that will be most receptive to your pleasantness. It is not unusual for folks to feel awkward around people that are very different from them.


Many have been told about the cruelty that exists in the world and have been cautioned about strangers. The more different you are makes you more of a stranger and therefore more likely that someone you meet will feel awkward when they first meet you.


If you are pleasant and outgoing in greeting them, you break the ice of their feelings of unspoken awkwardness. You make it easy for them to assess the situation based on their interaction with you. You take their focus off of fear of the unknown and allow them to feel welcomed by you and then accepting of you.


You see now that there is great opportunity to create positive situations by merely acting as if they will be positive, staying positive and allowing the benefits of positivity to flow back to you.


If you would like to see a better world for all inhabitants, observe what is there for you to see. Many co-workers or business owners will display things that are of personal and community interest.


If you notice things that are on display and inviting of comment, you have an opportunity to connect with people on a one to one basis. Connecting with people allows you to improve the quality of your interactions with them and sometimes many others that you could benefit from knowing.


Your interest in others can help to put many things in perspective so that you do not feel alone in a cruel world and you feel the uplift that a supporting community can offer. When times get bad for you, community can make all the difference in the quality of your life.

The Power of Courtesy

When an interchange between individuals starts, the tone of the conversation has a lot to do with the predictability of the outcome. If the first person to speak is courteous, the positivity of the discussion is much more likely to result in an outcome that is acceptable to both.


Many meetings are to deal with situations that somehow need to be fixed. If you expect that the other party will upset you, the likelihood that they will is increased.  If you accept that they will cooperate, the likelihood they will is increased.  You can influence outcomes by expecting pleasant people and positive outcomes. It is well worth the effort as sometimes unforeseen benefits can also happen as well as friendships that may last many years.

Embracing the Parents of School Children

The roles of parents and teachers can sometimes be at odds unnecessarily. Neither of the roles is easy and both will benefit from respect for the other. Respect can lead to teamwork which can make the teaching experience simpler for all concerned.


Unfortunately, there seems to be a theme floating that both parents and teachers are lacking in effectiveness and receive criticism for not holding up their end of the responsibility for education.  This kind of passing the baton of responsibility is not helpful as responsible adults have a tendency to do the best they can in a given set of circumstances.


Great strides can be made if parents and teachers accept that they have a real partner in each other and offer communication that is targeted to needs and goals that can be achieved when they work together.