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Angels  Are Always Around Addicts And  Alcoholics

Reach Up and Out and Invite Them In

Rev. Mike Wanner


My guidance continues to encourage my writing and the target audience here is always in my awareness and especially so when I do my pastoral visitations at the hospital.

I have seen so many who believe there is no potential good left for them and I respectfully disagree on a consistent basis after I have waited deliberately until there is some indication of them being ready. Readiness is a huge factor that I understand   because I also can be resistant when people want to tell me what I am not ready to hear.

As a child, I struggled spiritually because my life was not pleasant and I wanted to understand, quantify and analyze God. Well that did not work for me and I doubt that it will for you.

I understand now that God is already in me but may be blocked from my awareness by my fears, doubts, procrastinations and general unwillingness to be open to direction. While that view may sound problematic, it is really quite realistic and taking one step at a time can be the path that is needed by those who are ready to choose changes for their patterns.

The question, for you, is whether you have reached the ready stage of preparation to reboot your life on terms that you understand and control. When you are there, everything can change quite quickly.

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Thanks and Blessings

Rev. Mike